Islamic Funeral Services 

The Islamic Society of Belconnen is joining Islamic organisations around Australia to launch its own ‘Honour the Dead’ project for the Canberra Community.

The newly formed Canberra Islamic Funeral Services (CIFS) is a communal fund which will assist families of the deceased member with funeral costs and services.

Participation is welcomed through voluntary contributions as well as through membership.


To become a member, you must complete a membership form and pay an initial one-off
payment of $100 (per person).

A trust account has been established for the collection of moneys. This trust will be administered by the nominated Trustees.

The trust account will be maintained by the good will of members. Moneys cannot be compelled of members. If the trust account falls below $16,000 at any given time (post initial collection period), all the members will be highly encouraged to make another contribution of $100. The accumulated membership fees will not exceed $7,500 (per person) at any given time.

CIFS Bank Details 

The ISB Inc T A Canberra Islamic Funeral Services

BSB: 062913 Acct no: 10829933

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Funeral services contact details

Abu Muhammad
Abu Saleh

Email: [email protected] 

Applications are temporarily closed currently. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Terms and conditions PDF